25 January 2011

All you can find on etsy :]

    1970s Vintage Sheer Flowy Pleated Indie Mini Dress - here

Upcycled Vintage GAP denim vest - here

1980's Indie Ankle Booties in Purple Green and Black - here

90's electro blue soft leather shoes - here

Tura Winged Laurel Crown Cat Eye Glasses - here

Vintage 1960s Pheasant Feather Bellini Originals Grey Wool Hat - here

Grizzly Girl Long Feather Earrings - here

Fallen Leaves Aqua Aura Crystal Bullet and Branch Necklace - here

Eye of the Peacock long feather hair clip - here

Vintage 1970s Faux Fur Eskimo Parka - here

Some cool items you can find on etsy.com.
I if you like vintage, obviously.


  1. I love etsy! You find the most interesting things there! : )

  2. Love ur header! And the glasses are just amazing!